Efe Sondaj

Founder of Efe Sondaj Engineering and Consultancy Company VEDAT DEMİRER He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Geosciences in 1979 as Geological Engineer. In the same year, the Bursa started as a relative in the Directorate of the Soil Water District. He worked in İzmir Soil Water District Directorate in 1980 and since 1985 he worked in İzmir Köy Hizmetleri Regional Directorate for agricultural irrigation and village drinking water purposes.

He left his post in 1989 and established Efe Sondaj Engineering and Consultancy Company with the registration number 3012 dated 12.09.1989. He made registration with İzmir Chamber of Commerce with 401891 room number in 09.04.1990.

Since 1989, the company has been continuing its activities in industrial water, agricultural irrigation, exploitation and drinking water exploration, and submersible pumps, drilling equipment sales, service and engineering consultancy services.

Vedat DEMİRER, İzmir Chamber of Commerce 68. Commitee continues to serve as chairman of Committee of Infrastructure and Contractors Group.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Registration and Activity Certificate

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