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GPRS With Prepaid and Non-prepaid of Water Meter

Efe Sondaj Company offers sales-montage and after-sales services of Manas GPRS Prepaid and nonprepaid Water Meters with İzmir and its experienced staff.

Su Sayacı

Submersible Pump

Efe Sondaj has all kinds of pump, repair, maintenance, installation and sales services.

Dalgıç Pompa

Drilling Rig and Materials

Efe Sondaj has API-approved US-made drilling rigs, drills and drilling equipment.


Sand and Dripping Water Filters

The materials needed to be installed in order to filter the sand and particles in the water from the drilling are supplied by Efe Sondaj.

Su Filtresi

Drilling Services

Efe Sondaj company started its activities in the field of water drilling in 1989. It is the pioneering drilling companies of İzmir.


DSİ Underground Water Exploration and Use Certificate

Efe Sondaj provides guidance, information support and consultancy services on retrieval, exploitation, amendment and registration documents required for the opening and use of groundwater wells.

Yer Altı Su Arama

Hydrogeological Services

Groundwater searches, Geological and Hydrogeological Research and Water Analysis services are provided by Efe Sondaj company.


Well Maintenance and Development

Extreme Pumping, Washing, Piston Shaking, Compressed Air and Jet Method are being carried out by Efe Drilling Company for increasing decreasing well efficiency.